Assorted Poems

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

" SURF and TURF "

Does the mouth not water at the thought
Of so delectable a dish that could be bought
When taking someone out on a dinner date
Thinking about the dish that is sure to sate
one's appetite
appealing to taste and to sight ?

He took her to a local pub and bar
In his cool red convertible car.
He was casually dressed, she more so,
He , in shorts, a dress on her torso;
The host took them to their seats
She feared he'd hear her heartbeats.
She was nervous and could not decide
So he ordered for both with pride.

She demurely asked what did he choose
He replied "Surf and Turf and some booze."
She giggled and wiggled in her seat
And took the high heels off her feet.
They chit chatted about this and that
'fore the night was done, tho', they had a spat.

She was disappointed when dinner arrived!
She expected fish and steak and gamely writhed!
Up she stormed out of that place
Painfully humiliated and disgraced.
The Surf and Turf was not what she expected
Hot dogs and tuna fish were largely rejected.

The price was right or so he thought;
Two tasty dinners the waiter brought.
What do you expect when you pay $4.95 a meal?
Where else could you get such a great deal?

He ran after her and apologized on the walk;
She settled down and they began to talk.
They returned inside to the meal at hand
Later they danced to the music of the band.

What could have been a disastrous night
Turned out to be a most enjoyable delight.
Love came and they sealed it with a kiss;
A year later they enjoyed wedded bliss.
The reception was held in that pub and bar;
Bride and Groom came
in their cool red convertible car.
Surf and Turf was exactly as expected
As the Hot dogs and Tuna Menu
was duly

© Mel Patterson, 7-1-08