Assorted Poems

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Seven of us went on a venture several years ago,
And everything was fine until the wind decided to blow.

We were riding in one of those multicolored hot air balloons,
But by the end of the ride we looked like a bunch of dirty goons.

We climbed into a rickety looking straw colored basket,
All seven of us and the captain in this small tisket-a-tasket.

Initially, the evening was simply perfect and glorious
Even tho' later, for the Captain, it was most laborious.

The balloon lifted into the beautiful azure blue sky,
And the setting of the golden sun delighted every single eye.

We wafted high above farmlands and many a country street
Enjoying the Eden-like view which was a most wonderful treat.

Soon treetops swayed which could have given us a clue
But we were oblivious luxuriating in the heavenly view.

I noticed an overpass and electrical wires quickly approaching
Which against our health and well being were swiftly encroaching.

The Captain told us to turn our backs, brace ourselves and hold on tight.
He planned to descend and radioed, "ABORT, ABORT, ABORT this flight!"

We descended with trees breaking our speed as we thwacked each one;
And the force of the basket crashing sounded like the popping of a gun.

The basket began reeling forward and backward all the while heaving,
While in the throes of this experience we were all heavily breathing.

Finally in a marshland strewn with trees and reeds we alighted;
Our Captain saved us or with high wires we might have collided.

Eventually, we were lying, all eight of us, one on top of the other
In that yellow basket, sliding in the slimy sloppy mud! Oh brother!

The Captain clambered out first and quickly put out the fuel's flame ,
And life, as we then knew it, would never ever be quite the same.

One by one we stepped into the gluey goop, making our way out,
Sloshing ankle-deep in sneaker-sucking mud, I let out a shout!

Sticking my hand down into the sludge my filthy sneaker I found
And pushed my soggy socked foot into it on a portion of firmer ground.

We finally made our way up the slippery hill to the highway's rail
Mired, tired, grimy, slimy, and living to laughingly tell the tale.

The hot air balloon experience was exciting and rewarding
If another chance to ride surfaces - I won't be boarding.

© Mel Patterson, 4-22-07