Assorted Poems

Thursday, November 10, 2011


The 22 pound turkey was roasting
And inwardly I was boasting
Its' spilled juices were hot;
I simply had to blot!
I flung off my red oven mitt ablaze with fire;
I stomped on it hard, my need dire.
Then noticed other flames - Holy Moly!
Why didn't I choose to serve Bertoli!
I ran to the sink my apron enflamed
Ran the water - Whew! I exclaimed.
I calmly trod into the family room
Fire put out, there was no fume.
Everyone sat with eyes agape;
We all laughed for heaven's sake.
A charred hole was visible to each eye;
The apron and the mitt the tale did bely.
A roar of laughter sprung from their guts
At the expense of this silly ole dumb klutz.
The smile this evokes when I remember
My apron and mitt became an ember
On Thanksgiving Holiday that November.
© Mel Patterson, 11-10-11


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