Assorted Poems

Friday, January 28, 2011


Sitting in the Summer sun, my eyes closed
I feel the gentle breeze rustle the trees
Being awake yet in peaceful repose
It almost feels like heaven I suppose
So much so I nearly doze.

Strolling along I enjoy Fall's view
Russet, red, and gold, colors to behold
With green, yellow, and amber, too,
All blessing my spirit anew
Sadly to Fall I must soon bid adieu.

Gingerly dashing thru sleet 'n snows
The bitter cold chilling my bones
Dreading arising choosing to repose
It is freezing outside , I suppose
I see an icicle take a sleek pose.

Heralding the doom of winter gloom
Little buds are beginning to bloom
Into lovely flowers to delight the eye
Birds singing and winging in the sky
And I breathe a thankful sigh.

© Mel Patterson, 1-29-11


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