Assorted Poems

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This little nitty-gritty ditty
Pokes fun at my favorite man
It comes from this old biddy
Simply....because....I can.

He volunteers 2 days a week
At a local Literacy Center
It was a goal he wished to seek;
He also likes being a mentor.

At times when weather requires
I happily drive him there
And speed off with squealing tires
As he's left at Daddy Daycare!

He knew I would tease him this way
Rhyming and teasing as I dare,
That while he's away I could say...
My Hubby 's at Daddy Daycare.

© Mel Patterson, 2-28-07

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Snow and ice, sleet and rain
Pinging against our windowpane
Conjures up thoughts of cozy-ing up,
To the roaring fire mozy-ing up,
Sipping a hot apple cider brew,
And snuggling up ~ with you.

You are so precious and dear to me
Anyone of course can plainly see
That we mesh together
In all kinds of weather
You' re my hubby, I'm your wife
I can't imagine any other life.

So, thanks, Dear, for being you
For all of the neat things you do,
For the sweet things you often say,
To make me happy most ev'ry day,
I'm happy and content beyond compare;
I pray I've given you your fair share.
Thanks for always being there;
It shows me how much you truly care,
You, my big cuddly ~ Teddy Bear.

© Mel Patterson, Feb. 15, 2007